G A M E S: An Excellently Efficient and Exciting Online Gaming Format to Train and Entertain Your Brain.


In general Gaming is the act of playing games and the person who plays games is called a Gamer. But if at all one would want to know the definition of Logic Games in particular then it can be as follows:

Logic Games or the games with a formal name “Analytical Reasoning” are an excellently efficient and exciting online gaming format/act of playing games in which variety of brain puzzles, brain teasers, mind games and different types of tests including IQ tests that are designed to train and entertain the brain of the gamer.

These days, young and old alike want to spend time to play the ‘Logic Games’ everywhere around the world. But is all this game play healthy?

Yes, in fact, probably in more ways than you think, unless you find an appropriate online gaming website to exercise these skills on a regular basis to get the real benefit of boosting the memory and developing the cognitive skills.

In this context the purpose and aim of our website the “City Gare” is to fulfill all the genuine desires and expectations of sensible online gamers by providing the variety of ‘Logic Games’ that are designed with the high level technical approach.

We the “City Gare” have designed and developed our technical approach in such way that you will be provided with the detailed video lessons through the video tutorials available on our website. Our video tutorials will enable you to easily reach the different levels of the games and ultimately the success for sure.

C O U P O N S: The Boon for the Precious and Price Conscious buyers That Want Savings through Discounts on Their Purchase.


A source of a financial discount or rebate in the form of a ticket or document, which are issued by the manufacturers of consumer packaged goods or by the retailers, that can be exchanged while purchasing a product’ in retail shopping as a part of sales promotions.

Online Search:

Both distributors of the coupons and consumers who search for coupons that need a link to get connected in between easily and effectively.

So our website the “City Gare” is such an important connecting means that provides all kinds of information about the “Coupons” for the different types of products of different brands manufactured by various companies around the world.

As and when you start searching through the characteristic classification, of the variety of discount offers available on our website you will feel that you are jaunting in the world of super savings.

J O K E S: Kind of an Activity Spoken, Written, or Done with Humorous Intention for Entertainment Purpose in the Form of Laughter


A brief oral/scripted/done narrative activity characterized by good humor with a clear intention of creating pure amusement or laughter, especially a story with a funny punch line, only with the purpose of just to produce sheer entertainment.

Considering humour from the different cultures around the world as recently as the 19th century is at times baffling to us today, the humour is surprisingly familiar.

So now we the “City Gare” are here at your service to make it more pleasingly familiar, more close to heart and thereby making you all the people with a great sense of humour, to relax with the help of the best of the variety jokes available on our website: “City Gare”.

As and when start searching for the ‘Jokes’ on our website, We the “City Gare” assure that you will feel for sure that you have entered and jaunting in a Jovial, gleeful and playful world of the pure amusement or laughter and thereby having sheer entertainment to relax. This confidence is just because of the classified and characterized collection of different types of ‘Jokes’ available on our website.

Quotes – The Best Inspirational Thoughts/Sayings to Sum up the Entire Message of the Speech/Script at the Right Time, in the Right Way.


Quote(s), the abbreviated form of the Quotation can be defined as a reference to a previously expression/statement/thought that is well-known or explicitly attributed by citation to its original source, used to express ourselves better by emphasizing the important points and illuminating the meaning of the Speech/Script, so as to sum up the entire message of the Speech/Script.

Online Quotation Source:

So here we the “City Gare” enter the scene with an honest effort to bring the variety of the best quotes together online in an easy to access format through our website and as a result we are introducing our online ‘Quotes Library’.

Our online ‘Quotes Library’ has the unique and characteristic collection of variety of quotes and the purpose is special as it aims to produce all the different types of quotes (especially pertinent for our time) at one place.

We the “City Gare” assure you all the sensible readers that it will be an interesting and fruitful journey as and when you approach our website and start searching for the variety of quotes available on our site according to your requirement that enable you to express in a better way to bring the readers’/listener’ attention to the message of the script/speech and to emphasize the important points.

R E C I P E S: An Instructive Process, Including a List of the Ingredients Required for Preparing a Particular Culinary Dish.


Though there may be many different ways of defining the term ‘Recipes’, in general, it can be defined as a formula for or means for doing or attaining something like a desired end. But if at all, the term ‘Recipes’ has to be defined in a collective unique format, just only concerned with the culinary dishes, and then it can be as follows:

RECIPES: “A recipe is a descriptive formula perfectly blended with the cooking instructions, ingredients required along with the ordered list of preparation steps to prepare or make something, especially a culinary dish.

Online source of ‘Recipes’:

So if you are searching online for ‘Recipes’ for different types of culinary dishes you may come across so many websites, but please pause at us the “City Gare” and go thoroughly through the details about the different types of recipes with informative images provided on our website and then you will feel that you have come to the right place for the right purpose for sure.

We the “City Gare” now would like to explain about some of the components of the modern culinary recipes that are covered by our website.