G A M E S: An Excellently Efficient and Exciting Online Gaming Format to Train and Entertain Your Brain.


In general Gaming is the act of playing games and the person who plays games is called a Gamer. But if at all one would want to know the definition of Logic Games in particular then it can be as follows:

Logic Games or the games with a formal name "Analytical Reasoning" are an excellently efficient and exciting online gaming format/act of playing games in which variety of brain puzzles, brain teasers, mind games and different types of tests including IQ tests that are designed to train and entertain the brain of the gamer.



The purpose of the 'Logic Games' is to help to keep certain parts of the brain active and thereby making the brain get trained to make the human beings get prepared psychologically strong to face and succeed with any kind of complex scenario particularly one in which human behavior plays an important role.


To produce such an effective means of environment that provides a platform to leverage the combination of computational power and human intellect, to explore a range of possibilities that can prove much useful in any fields, especially in the education field to make models relatable and identify areas of potential interest for future modeling tasks.


Problem-solving has long been known to improve brain function, boost memory and develop cognitive skills, but only then when the process is on a regular basis. By playing online logic games regularly may be only for shorter period every day that focus on reasoning, logic, speed and memory, you can “work out” some lesser used parts of the brain.

Studies have shown that memory; puzzle, trivia and logic games can help stave off dementia and the forgetfulness that sometimes comes with old age. Using all areas of the brain can have big benefits for you now and as you grow older and the astounding universal appeal of online games is a live proof in this concern.

These days everywhere, young and old alike want to spend time to play the 'Logic Games'. Research shows that one in four internet users visit online game websites, bringing the annual total to more than 217 million online game players worldwide. Online game communities are populated by people from both sexes and all age groups. But is all this game play healthy?

Yes, in fact, probably in more ways than you think, unless you find an appropriate online gaming website to exercise these skills on a regular basis to get the real benefit of boosting the memory and developing the cognitive skills.


In this context the purpose and aim of our website the "City Gare" is to fulfill all the genuine desires and expectations of sensible online gamers by providing the variety of 'Logic Games' that are designed with the high level technical approach.

We the "City Gare" have designed and developed our technical approach in such way that you will be provided with the detailed video lessons through the video tutorials available on our website. Our video tutorials will enable you to easily reach the different levels of the games and ultimately the success for sure.

In addition, we have provided a unique facility of recording actions and the results of any particular game to allow the post game analysis, so that you can assess, rectify and revise your strategy towards that particular game.

So now we the "City Gare" humbly but clearly announce that we are the unique and ultimate choice for all those people who want to spend at least some part their invaluable time to train their brain and thereby gain the memory boost and the growth of cognitive skills, by playing the 'Logic Games'.